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MAJ (Ret.) Jeffery Nason

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Our Staff: Intro


C_LTC Masuyama.jpg



Hello, my name is C/LTC Zachary Masuyama. I am a LET 4, a senior, and am currently serving as the Battalion Commander in the Viking Battalion. As the Battalion Commander, my role in the battalion is to make sure that our program progresses into the future. To do this, I supervise the cadets and make sure that everyone is doing their part. Outside of JROTC, I am a member of the National Honors Society, and I also partake in martial arts. I am truly honored to have been elected for this role and I hope that I can make this year of JROTC the best it has ever been. Thank you to all of the people that have given me the opportunity to be a large part of this program, and let's hope for the best year of JROTC ahead of us!

C_MAJ Galdones.jpg



 Hello my name is C/MAJ Garnet Galdones. I am a LET 4, senior. This year I am serving as the Viking Battalion executive officer. I am proud to be able to serve and lead you all while under the supervision of our battalion commander and Senior Army instructor. During my free time I like to play basketball, as well as go to the gym. One thing that the JROTC program benefited me was giving me the leadership skills to not only help our cadets but as well as our community. In the future I plan to go into the Army into the medical field. I hope this year will be as impact full for you as it is for me. Go Vikings! 

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Hello, my name is C/CSM Nikolas Galdones.  I am a Let 4 cadet in this program.  With this much time being in this program, I have learned everything from how to be a follower to being a competent leader.  Gaining lots of experience from countless events and trips, I have a lot to share to cadets for the future.  I will work hard to keep this battalion functioning and to make this year one to enjoy.

Best regards,

C/CSM Nikolas Galdones

Our Staff: Team Members
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Cadet Captain Mansanas

Hello, I am C/Cpt  Zhenson Mansanas. I’m a sophomore as well as a LET 2. This year I am serving as the Viking Battalion Adjutant, or known as the S-1. As the S-1, I am responsible for inputting, and updating cadet information. I am also responsible for administrative duties assigned to me by the JROTC instructor(s), battalion commander, and battalion executive officer. I wish you all a good year, it’s a pleasure for me to serve as your battalion S-1.



Cadet Captain Gatting

Hello everyone, I'm Cadet Captain Kai Gatting (C/CPT K. Gatting for short). I'm a LET Four in the Hilo High School Army JROTC Cadet Program, I'm also currently a Senior as well as the Battalion Security & Intelligence Officer (S-2). My duty is to ensure that intelligence reports about COVID-19, the weather, current events, and activities surrounding our school are posted for those in the battalion while making sure that our establishment is safe and secure. In my leisure, I fancy playing guitar/piano, reading, learning about space, practicing Aikido, running, flying, and studying soccer. While I was born here, I had the experience of growing up around the Pacific in places such as Micronesia and the Marshall Islands. Within the near future, I plan to pursue flying for the Air Force as an officer. I'm thankful to be here in Hilo High School and in the Viking Battalion, I wish that we may all have a good year for our cadet program.



Cadet Captain Oishi

Hello, my name is C/CPT Marisa Oishi. I am a LET 2, a sophomore and I currently have the privilege of serving as the Battalion S-3 Operations officer. My role in the battalion is to handle all operations and training. My responsibilities include, but are not limited to, creating the weekly training and PRT schedules, planning any major battalion events, and keeping track of battalion and school activities. My hobbies are swimming, waterpolo, and horseback riding. In addition, I currently serve as the Raiders team captain, the sophomore class president, and I am a member of the school's Key Club. In the future, I hope to pursue a medical degree via an ROTC scholarship program through the Navy or the Air Force.



Cadet Captain Yoshimura

Hello, I am C/CPT Kayden Yoshimura. I’m a Junior and also Let 3. This year I am serving as the Viking Battalion S-4. As the S-4, I am responsible for the maintenance, security, record keeping, issue, and turn-in of all U.S. government property. In my free time, I enjoy watching videos and playing video games.  I will do my best to ensure everyone is receiving the uniform they need!

C_CPT Delenia.jpg


Cadet Captain Delenia

Hello, Cadets. My name is C/CPT Aukai Delenia. This year I am a senior and i'm currently serving in the viking battalion as the S-5. I am in charge of overseeing and organizing all special projects that this years viking battalion decides to host. I am looking forward to the different projects to set up for this year and would love to have all of you participate. Last year I had the opportunity to be a part of the SLP. I learned a lot. I hope to apply what I have learned for this years SLP. Through this program, I have met some amazing people. I believe you will be able to do the same.​



Cadet Captain Taasan

Hello cadets, I am C/CPT Paige Taasan I am a LET 2 Sophomore, and currently serving as the S-6 of the Hilo High Battalion. My role in the battalion is to get the word of the Hilo High JROTC out to the community and to work with technological equipment. Things I like to do out of the JROTC is Wrestling for Hilo High, keeping myself physically active in fitness including keeping my body healthy. In the future I hope to go to college and study be a Real estate agent.

MAJ Florendo.jpg


Cadet Major Florendo

Hello, I am C/MAJ Jayden Florendo. I am currently a LET 4, a senior. This year I am serving as the Viking Battalion Alpha Company Commander. As the Alpha Company Commander it is my duty to send out announcements and make sure that my class leaders and first sergeant know and understand what they need to do. My plans for after high school aren't 100% set yet, but I plan on becoming a pediatrician. During my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing  musical instruments, and learning new things. My favorite thing about JROTC is the people I've met. I have met a lot of people through the program and they have helped me out in many ways.



Cadet 1st Sergeant Mangoba

Hi Cadets, I am cadet 1st Sergeant AizenClyde Mangoba. I am a Sophomore Let 2, My role in the Hilo High JROTC Battalion is to assist the Company Commanders. My hobbies include of reading light novels, manga and hanging out with my friends. In the future I want to be and officer in the army.



Cadet Captain Gapusan

Greetings, I am, as of right now,  C/CPT Franze C. Gapusan. Currently, I am a LET 2 Sophomore, serving as the Hilo High Viking Battalion’s Bravo Company Commander. As Company Commander, I am held responsible for all cadets within my company, ensuring that they are well and taken care of. I am also responsible for sending out announcements to class period within my company, ensuring cadets in my company receive their awards, promotions, uniforms, and so on, selecting cadets to be acknowledged for their outstanding behavior, and informing, as well as communicating, the battalion commander about my company, whether it may be good or bad. Outside of the JROTC program, I also have many personal interests. I love going out for adventures, going on walks, playing video games, wrestling and to ensure that my body is at its best, I also like to lift weights and go out for runs. Exercising to keep my body at its fittest and healthiest is very much important to me, as well as taking advantage of the many benefits this program has to offer; as in the future, I would like to serve our great nation by joining its military.



Cadet 1st Sergeant Sotelo

Hello, my name is Xaiden Sotelo- Cadirao, C/1SG, LET 3, Junior and I play a role of a first sergeant in my viking Battalion. My personal interest outside of JROTC include, paddling, wrestling, calisthenics, and drawing. In the future U want to enlist into the Air Force to become a para-rescue.



Cadet 1st lieutenant Inada

Hi my name is C/1st lieutenant Caitlin Inada, I am a LET 1 and a Freshman. My main Job in the JROTC batallion is the PAO, Public Affairs Officer, I take pictures at events and create story boards for the events. Outside of JROTC I do Band for Hilo High and invloved with the Kviks as a broadcast specialist. What i want to be i the future is become a musician or artist, or a Marine Biologist

Our Staff: Team Members
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